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Dr. Catherine Skelly

Dr. Catherine Skelly

Catherine graduated from University College London in 1989 with a Bachelor Degree in Dental surgery. She also received a Licentiate degree in Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in the same year. Having completed a House surgeon post in the University College Hospital Dental school she then continued her postgraduate education and training by working in various hospitals in the UK and Ireland gaining experience in all aspects of dentistry (including General, Cosmetic and Paediatric) and Oral Surgery.

In 2008 Catherine became the principal of Clifden Dental Practice where she continues to provide a comprehensive and professional dental service. She regularly attends courses and lectures to keep up to date with new advances in dentistry.

Working with the latest dental materials using evidence based systems and techniques enables her to achieve optimum results for her patients.

As a clinician her main focus is on meeting the patients’s individual needs in a caring and sympathetic manner.

Tania Southwell and Trisha Griffiths

Tania Southwell
Trisha Griffiths

Tania and Trisha have both worked in Clifden Dental as dental surgery assistants since 2013. Both Tania and Trisha are extremely valued members of the team and strive to provide a caring, friendly service while answering any questions and concerns.

Together, Catherine, Trisha and Tania work in harmony enjoying the experience of treating patients while creating a relaxing and sympathetic environment to satisfy our patient’s needs.